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Just My Normal, Everyday Life. Not.

I've been wanting to write a time travel story, but I just couldn't write it right. So, I'm giving it to YOU. :) 

Title: Just My Normal, Everyday Life. Not.
Genre: AU/AH
Pairings:  Canon.
Details: Involves time travel. Spooky. :) 
Rating: Whatever the author decides.
Warnings: Whatever the author decides. Might include some angst, though.
Bella Swan is not very popular in her Arizona high school, so when Alice Brandon, mega popular girl, invites Bella to her party on Saturday, she is not hesitant to say yes. But at the party, Bella is is sent back in time to the 1980s by an ancient African artifact (or something else if you choose), to a strange house where she lives with her mom, who thinks that she’s her sister. She goes to school with her mom and sees Edward Cullen, who happens to be a sort-of popular boy (Think B-list). Renee says that he’s way out of Bella’s league, which Bella finds very offensive, until she remembers that they’re "sisters". Slowly, Bella remembers Edward Cullen from 2005 (where she traveled back in time from), a handsome 35 year old man who does (think of something HERE) and is very prominent in Arizona society. She ends up having to leave Edward, though, (when something happens?) and looks him up, there and finds out that he has married Tanya, his high school girlfriend. She goes up and talks to him, and boy is he stunned....

You can change the ending if you wish, to let her stay in the 80s and let it have a happy ending. I prefer an angsty ending, myself. :) But, take it where you will...

Any Takers?

 So I'm not exactly looking for someone to write this one, I'm more looking for someone to co-author this with me. I really like this idea and want to write some of this, but I have tiny problem with staying on track with a story. So I think doing a co-authored story would help with that because I'd have someone to kind of keep me focused.
So on with the description....

Title: Rescuing Alice and Other Misadventures 
Genre: Humor/Romance
Pairings: Bella/Edward
Details: AU-AH, OOC
Rating: R
Warnings: None really-- at least not yet
Basically, Rose and Bella are roadtriping from Phoenix to Forks to rescue their best friend, Alice, from a Mental Hospital. In the middle of the desert their car breaks down. They are rescued by a somewhat ragamuffin band of three-- named Emmett, Jasper, and Edward-- in their slightly run down tour bus.

It's the summer of love, misadventures, and an ever-growing playlist.

**** So... anybody in?

Please let me know! ~Sam

Chapter 2 Posted: 'New York City'

Title: Concrete Jungle
Characters: Edward & Bella
Genres: Romance/Humor
Rating: M for foul mouths and too much sexy time.
Summary: Bella, a care-free freshman at NYU, has a one-night stand with a TA. Daddy Carlisle reigns as dean: could trouble begin to stir amongst them? AH, OOC, collaboration with twicebitten.

Link: Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

Twilight Meets Myths

Story: Untitled

                               Characters:     Carlisle – Father Time
Esme – Mother Nature
Jasper – Sandman
Alice – Oracle at Delphi
Emmett – Big Foot
Rosalie – Siren
Jacob – Griffen
Renesmee – Loch Ness Monster*
Charlie, Renee, Phil – The Fates
Edward – human
The Muses – Elizabeth (history), Isabella (astronomy), Victoria (tragedy), Angela (comedy), Jessica (dance), Lauren (songs to the Gods), Kate (epic poetry), Tanya (love poetry), Irina (lyric poetry).

Genre: drama, I think

Pairings: canon, extra characters have no pairings

Rating: authors discretion

Involvement: well, I don’t really have to have one, but a possible first read would be cool

Influences: some Greek mythology, some legends, some of my brain just going off on a tangent

Summary: Edward as orphaned at birth by un-named parents that somehow had ties to the mythological. Because of this, Father Time (Carlisle) and Mother Nature (Esme) sent their favorite Muse (Isabella) to watch over him as a guardian angel of sorts. Edward grows up in an orphanage and finds that he enjoys being alone staring at the stars, even though he never feels alone. Bella, as Muse of Astronomy, tells him stories of the stars while he sleeps. He is able to see her telling these stories in his dreams and longs for her. On his 18th birthday Bella’s “parents”, The Fates, tell her that it’s his destiny to die in the next three years. Upon hearing this, Bella runs to her best friend, Alice (The Oracle at Delphi) trying to see if there is something she can do to change his future. With the help of her sisters (the other Muses) and all her friends (Jasper/Sandman, Emmett/Big Foot, Rosalie/Siren, Renesmee/Loch Ness Monster*, Jacob/Griffen, Carlisle/Father Time, and Esme/Mother Nature) Bella becomes human and masterminds a plan to change the course of his life before his 21st birthday. On that birthday something happens that reveals who Bella really is and Edward must chose to stay human without her or become a myth and be with her forever.

Notes: I know that this idea totally conflicts with real Greek mythology and includes really random things, but it’s a mix of cool ideas! The ‘master plan’ is something I’d like the author to come up with and whatever happens on Edwards 21st birthday is up to them as well. Also, I have no idea what ‘myth’ Edward would turn into if he chose to be with Bella.

*Renesmee/Loch Ness Monster… she’d be able to morph her body back and forth between a swimming dino-monster thing and a beautiful woman.

Do Better

Genre: Drama
Pairing: Edward/Bella
Rating: M or NC-17
Involvement: I don't have to have any, really

Edward is fed up with his boring life, politicians lying, a life full of celebrities and media obsessions, and thinks he can do better. The fic is a story of his rise throughout the ranks of the business and world of politics but he has some troubles on the way. He is engaged to his highschool sweetheart (Bella), but like in every story of success, he cheats his way to the top. Sleeping aorund, coming home late, experimenting with drugs, money laundering, etc. Bella supports him everywhere he goes and still loves him, whatever he does, but he doesn't really feel the same anymore. "You can do better, you can be the greatest man in the world."

I got this idea from the song Do Better by Say Anything:

Life is not a spark in space,
An episode of Will and Grace
Controversial yet mundane.
Debrah's messing with your brain.
Even Scientologists
Know there's more to all of this.
You search the ruins for trap doors.
Wonder what you're put here for.

Simple as a hint of gas
Climbing nostrils as you pass,
Making Harvard graduates
Feel childish when they laugh at it.
Climb the rungs to kingdom come.
Sour Patch to acid tongue.
Are you opposed to having fun?
You clench the world between your buns.

You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)
You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)

Your life is always the post of something else.
Where is the present in the way that you present yourself?
It's disgusting how little that you try:
The existential equivalent of pink eye.

Drink alone and watch TV.
You're expecting harmonies
To tap your tune with silver spoons,
The anthem of impending doom.
Guiding Satan's steady hand.
Forcing Beatles to disband.
It's ego freaks and drama queens
The young at heart know what I mean.

You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)
You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)

You could do better
Better than that
You're a fraud
Thank God and learn to keep your shirt on.
You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world

You'd burn so brightly
You'd burn so brightly in the dark
You'd burn so brightly
You'd burn so
You'd burn so

You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)
You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)

You could do better
Better than that
You're a fraud
Thank God and learn to keep your shirt on.
You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)
You could do better
You could do better
You could be the greatest man in the world (woah!)
We could do better
We could do better
We could be the greatest band in the world (woah!)


A few days ago I got Miss Li's new Album, Dancing the Whole Way Home, and the title track made me INSTANTLY think of a JxA songfic. I just see it as one - I don't know why.

Miss Li's vocal singing just makes me picture Alice in my head. Her voice and singing style makes me think it's what Alice would sound like if she sang. lol. She's from Sweden and her songs are so insanely adorable and catchy.

Anyway, the song 'Dancing the Whole Way Home' just seems like a perfect, AH AxJ fic to me.

These are the lyrics, but I highly recommend checking it out on iTunes for the full effect -

I met a boy,
I met a boy last night
when me and the girls were out
It was Peace and Love, a festival down town
in my home town and
it was music and it was people everywhere
when I saw him standing there
He was the cutest,
he was the cutest thing i had ever seen

I, I fell in love,
I fell in love last night
and I was dancing the whole way home
I fell in love,
I fell in love last night
and I was dancing the whole way home

You sat down by the table and you said; Hello
I said Hello, hello
I was blushing by your presence 'cause you where so,
so damn beautiful
and you had long dark hair like in the 70th
and I said; I dig your style
and I got his number on a tiny little paper
and he said; Please call, please be a apart of my life

I fell in love,
I fell in love last night
and I was dancing the whole way home

I fell in love,
I fell in love last night
and I was dancing the whole way home, home

I fell in love,
I fell in love last night
and I was dancing the whole way home (x4)

The 'long dark hair' line doesn't fit, but whatever - details, details. :P

Anyway, I don't have time, but this would make an awesome one-shot... or even a full fledged AxJ story. Hell, it could easily be an AH BxE story too - her voice just makes me think of Alice.


Lazy Jasper and hippie Alice.

Jasper is a lazy ice-cream man, living in a messy apartment with his roommate Bella. He is snarky and smart (although he doesn't really act it) and Bella is too. He isn't that lucky in love, until Bella brings home her friend who she hasn't seen in ages.
Her name is Alice and she is eccentric, no-shoe-wearing, flower-in-hair, "green" hippie who likes to swear a lot (because I hardly ever see Alice swear in fics).
Of course, he is a bit....distant towards her at first but warms up to her, and blah, blah, they fall in love.
I would write it, but I got no time.
I don't need to be involved, you could contact me if you need ideas for things that they could do.


AH B & E fic - Everything Changes in Vegas

I wrote out a very VERY lengthy description and part of the actual story, in my blog, and you can find the post here: http://atheysfics.blogspot.com/2009/09/night-in-vegas.html

I'll try to keep the summary short, but check out my blog post for a much better description.

Bella and Edward are the best of friends. They met in their Sophomore years in college. At the time, Edward was dating Jasper. He and Jazz were dating for a year and a half when they had a bad break-up. Bella was there for Edward during his painful recovery. They're absolutely best friends. Bella has always been attracted to Edward, but assumed he was gay and off-limits, so she's never made any pursuit of him. Edward didn't date at all after his break-up with Jazz, but Bella dated lots and went through many shitty failed relationships - Edward was always there for her when they fell apart.

It's their senior year and it's spring break. Bella's plans for traveling to Vegas fall through when Alice has to unexpectedly go out of town. She had been really looking forward to the trip and when Edward finds out, he insists that she still go, and says he'll take her.

When in Vegas, during a night in the casino bar, Bella learns that Edward isn't quite what she had always assumed. He's not gay, he's bi, and has had a crush on her for a good long time.

I wrote out about 5 pages of the story and it's posted in my blog post. If anyone gets inspired by this idea, they're free to take what I have written, or just use it as inspiration.

I'd write the whole thing out as a one-shot, but I've already got too many things going on at once and just don't have the time.

If someone does do it, tell me, because I'd love to read it :D



I suppose this idea is losely inspired by the song CodeMonkey by Jonathan Coulton. If you've never heard the song, here's an amv on youtube with the whole song -

AH Geekward fic
Edward, Emmett and Jasper all work at a video game studio. Jazz is in the art department. Emmett is on the design team, and Edward in the engineering (code) department. Rosalie, (who is dating Em) is the Human Resource rep for the studio from cooperate, and Alice is her best friend who she introduced to Jazz.

Edward is a crazy introverted little coder and Em and Jazz are always trying to get him to date, but he's too shy. They drag him to the local bar every Thursday (because thusdays the bar has awesome chicken wings, and half priced beer), but he always just sort of cowers in the corner.

The office manager (an older woman - I'm thinking Mrs Cope, but it doesn't matter) retires and a new girl is hired. It's Bella. Edward has a huge crush but he's all shy and geekward about it.

I'm still tempted to write it myself, but I've already got 6 stories going on at once and know it would be a bad idea for me to take on any more :P


Alternate Twilight Fic

I haven't come up a suitable title for this

Parings: alternate characters of the Cullens and Bella, as such:
Jade Hale x Harold Cullen (Alternate characters of Jasper and Alice respectively)
Eleonor Cullen x Belmont Hale (Alternate characters of Emmett and Rosalie respectively)
Caroline Cullen x Gareth Cullen (Alternate characters of Carlisle and Esme respectively)

Genre: Romance
Rating: whatever you want

Story Idea: Edward is a human who came to Forks to escape from his family feud. His father wants him to join the Military, his mother wants him to be a doctor and his brother expects him to follow his footsteps and help manage the family business. He stole money from his parents and older brother to last him a few years, packed his bags and headed to Forks where he bought a small apartment just big enough for him using his brother's money. He found a job as a part-time librarian at Forks High School and attend classes at night. Then, he met Bella, Jade and Belmont, who are taking the night classes as well while the rest of the Cullen kids are taking the day classes. Edward acts like a male version of Bella Swan except being clumsy and doesn't look weak. Often do sports but all in all, he prefers swimming which he cannot do at Forks without freezing himself to death. He swims when the sun is out or if it's not raining really hard.

Jade Hale - She's the alternate character for Jasper Hale. She's an Empath like Jasper but like Rosalie, she haven't tasted human blood since Caroline changed her into a vampire. She has long brown, wavy hair that she likes to style different everyday. She became friends with Edward first because of her gentle and kind smiles. She acts like Tomoyo of Card Captor Sakura. Vehicle of choice - bicycle.

Harold Cullen - He's the alternate character for Alice Cullen. He can see the future like Alice does but he can choose what to see and much more clearer compared to Alice's vision. He saw Edward coming and immediately seeks him out, determine to meet Edward and introduce him to his sister, Bella. He acts like Kurapica of Hunter X Hunter. Preferred vehicle - Bugatti Veyron

Eleonor Cullen - She is Emmett's alternate character. Instead of looking powerful and strong like Emmett, she's intelligent and the smartest girl in class. She likes to read and a writer of romance novels. She has a pen name that is rumored being passed on to apprentices but no one knows that she is writing the novels for the past thirty years. She looks sickly and prefers to stay indoors. She acts like Izuru Kira, lieutenant of the third division of Bleach or maybe that Captain from the Fourth Division. Caroline found her by accident, lurking around the dirty streets of New York, newly changed into a vampire. Preferred vehicle - none.

Belmont Hale - He is the alternate character of Rosalie. He is the most handsome boy in class. He doesn't like to flaunt, he's modest. Although he works as a model for a part time job, he's often shy when it comes to public gatherings and prefers to stay at home and paints. Often he and Eleonor teamed up for one of Eleonor's novels which happens to be Edward's favorite. Eleonor wrote the story while Belmont drew some of the scenes Eleonor wanted drawn. He acts like Yuki from Card Captor Sakura. preferred vehicle - Porsche Carrera GT.

Caroline Cullen - She is the alternate character of Carlisle. Head Nurse of Forks Hospital and the sire of the rest of the Cullens except for Harold and Eleonor. Motherly and kind, she treats her children equally and often fuss about their love life, especially Bella's. She acts like a none-screaming Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. preferred vehicle - Koenigsegg CCX

Gareth Cullen - He is the alternate character of Esme. He's more like Carlisle but he's like a human house husband. He cooks, he cleans, he gardens... He's also an architect and an interior designer. he acts like Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. preferred vehicle - Rolls-Royce Phantom

Bella Cullen - she is the most outgoing Cullen in the family. She likes to travel a lot so she's often off someplace else for the last fifty years. She likes photography and often seen with a camera on her hands. Instead of a piano like Edward, she has her personal Dark room at the house. When she would come back from her travels, she gives Gareth many pictures of buildings and houses for his architectural profession. Acts like a female version of Edward Cullen. Car - Silver Volvo

Edward's car will be the goofy, red truck. hehehe. I just find Edward cute driving a goofy looking car wearing overalls with his hair messed up and paint stains on his clothes... -drools-

Anyway, no James, no Victoria, no Laurent, the Volturi and the other vampires are present.

Differences between this and the Canon Twilight:
1. Bella's blood is like a drug to Edward - Fic(Bella feels intense lust over Edward. Not in a Bitchy way, but there are times where she wanted to just staddle him and do it right there.)

2. Aro wants Bella to be part of the Volturi when she turned into a vampire - Fic(Aro wants Bella as his wife. He serenades her, court her in the traditional way but Bella won't budge.)

3. Edward loves music - Fic(Edward prefers romance novels and mystery like Shakespeare, Eleonor's novels and Sherlock Holmes. It was his reading that he caught Bella's secret- through his curiosity and over the top investigative skills. He became a real romantic when he read Eleonor's novels. this actually helped him escape the fangirls at school- by gently taking hold of her hand, kiss it tenderly and leave the girl in a very dreamy state.)

Maybe the main plot of this is: who will Bella chose? The Volturi or Edward? If she choose Edward, Aro might order the Volturi guarnds to kill her family in revenge. If she choose Edward, she's endangering his life by exposing him to the Volturi. Basically the same plot when Aro learns of Edward and Bella's relationship and Bella was still human. Oh, the mind reading thingy is still with Edward but it's like a whisper to his ears and not really hear it clearly. Maybe when he turns into a vampire then his mind reading abilities will strengthen and be like at Twilight's.

the rest is up to the person who wants to adopt this plot.

Inspiration: I'm a very curious person. I like to ask "What if...?" and "What would it look like...?" This is the result.

Involvement: It's all yours though I want to be mentioned as the one who came up with this. email me if someone wants to adopt this because I would really want to read this kind of fic. The personalities of the characters can be altered to the adopter's liking, I just listed down what I imagined.